3D-Model with fire particles and ”glowing firewood” shader. Created using Unreal Engine.

Object Placer DX (Maya Tool)

A Maya tool for placing out props and other objects. Select a prop and load it into the tool, then click other objects to raycast the objects to that position. The UI was built using QT-designer. The tool is coded mostly in pymel and Openmaya.

  • Choose between single and multi-object placement.
  • Set number of objects to be placed as well as the area size.
  • Automatic collision detection! User can set how far from each other the objects are allowed to be.
  • Ignores backfaces. Can be used to raycast into interiors.
  • General raycasting. No need to define targets. Works against any mesh.
  • Randomize object scale. Set min/max values for X, Y and Z.